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French Benchpress 2007 Nationals (IPF)

2007 French IPF National Competition.

For the 2007 French IPF National Benchpress Meet, the St Junien Club (near Limoges) displayed a thorough concern for details. On would have to be a fan of hair-splitting to find faults in the overall organisation, for in a sports without means there must have been a ever-pouring well of good-will to lead such a project to its end. For once, benchers did not have to warm-up between pulleys and mecanical stairs, but in a very large room where four benches had been set for that purpose, with enough space for coaches, photographers and curious people to attend. The competition soundtrack was everything but ridiculous. Following the competition progression was made very easy thanks both to the immediate printing of match sheets and to a wide-angle screen showing competition excel spreadsheets being filled-in in real time, easily visible provided you were not sitting on terraces.

For there lies the only aspect toning it down (and we refer to it to help improving things only); the too wide distance parting benchers from the audience which made following the competition sometimes a difficult affair (especillay when trying to understand the type of error detected), and the widescreen broadcasting the event for that purpose was often hidden by the staff.

Hardly seen among benchers was Clara Kasbarian (world champion) and her father, more discreet still. They had come to coach the unbelievable Soumbounou Boubacar who, being Malian, was pressing as guest only.

Security bars set on benches have been greatly approved by all, and actually saved a few skulls from severe injuries.

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Magali Delfrandre from Senlis on the top of the podium for the first time with a superb 70kg bar in -44kg bodyweight category ! Followed by Ghyslaine Debacker.

Having myself been present at the time of her beginnings in late 2005 (at the very time of mine :-) I can now measure the amount of work she must have gone through: bravo !

Among -48kg women, Sylviane Béchar came out first, followed by Sylvie Duverger and Sabine Guillaume.

Among -52kg class benchers, the un-overthrowable Sylvie Mingot came out first with a "little" 95kg (having talked a bit with her I am pretty sure that she is disappointed about it !! - 4th best women bar of the meet, all categories taken into account), followed by Léonie Vincent and our local champion from Soissons; Karine Cantova.

Thanks again for Sylvie Mingot for the help she gave me for my French Women Benchpress hall of fame project, because I would never have been able to know who were the one who got married twice and thus appeared twice in the list ! Thanks for the info Sylvie.

Among the - 56kg category women, Marie-Christine Pracella came out first with 110kg (3rd best women bar of the meet), followed by Stéphanie Lagrange and Heidi Taubmann.

Among the -60kg class Czachor Cathy came out first, nearly reaching her best level again, followed by Garcia Audrey and Lisiecki Claire.

Personal remark from the webmaster: I wish to express my thanks to Cathy for having very nicely let me ring a long-gone friend of mine working out in her club with her mobile. That gesture occured during a casual conversation between people not knowing one another, and will remain for ever in my memory.

Among the -67,5kg class benchers, Herbin Evelyne came out first, followed by Cathelain Florence, and then by Cauhape-Henry Ingrid.

Stéphanie Faivre came out first in -75kg class, and climbed onto the podium with such humbleness that it looked like shyness. Pascale Cardon came out 2nd and Sandrine Lemanchec 3rd.

Stéphanie pressed the 2nd heaviest bar of the women competition with 112,5kg.

Leila Duhem represented the -90kg class, and pressed a very nice 130kg bar, which must make the mind of many would-be powerlifters boggle (best women bar of the competition).

In accordance with Stéphane Hatot (on the right- one of the founding fathers of modern french benchpress), she entrusted the webmaster of Club150kg with the keeping of powerlifting records for the North-East zone of france. A request readily accepeted.

Podium for Frédéric Tinebra in -56kg.
Béranger Addenet came out first in -60kg class, followed by Grégory Pulido and Mostapha Redouani.
Among the -67,5kg class benchers, Eric Daoud came out first, followed by Julien Mousnier and Bernard Vincent. Claude Sitruk (a specialist of that weight-category) reported sick, apparently because of an injury.
Alphonse Cucuzzella came out first in -75kg class, followed by Fabrice Bertin and Da Costa Adriano.
In the -82,5kg class, Cyril Pinguet came out first, followed by Gemel Boughamdouz and Didier Compain. An impressive 222,5kg bar for Cyril Pinguet which made him beat his own France record.

Vincent Encinas came out first in -90kg class, followed by Jean Dubois and the very funny Patrick Le Bleveneck.

Patrick played his part of official clown, climbing onto the stage for his first attempt with such a broad smile that we were all already laughing along. After having pressed his first bar he came back laughing because he had thought about another joke to tell to his peers. After having told him one of mines, he immediately went to tell it to the referees !

Patrick, also known as Mr. 0% Pressure.

In -100kg class, Stéphane Herrgott came out first, followed by Frédéric Beyon et and Philippe Szezepanski. The absence of Herbert Brice lead to much talking ; has he gone to another federation ? are there other reasons ? the question is for the moment left unanswered.

In -110kg class, Pascal Carrere from Bordeaux came out first, and was awarded the title of best athlete of the whole competition according to wilks ranking (a rare thing for a semi-heavy bencher) because he pressed an incredible 247,5kg, followed by Philippe Biloir and Alban Le Tallec. We had very impressive bars in that category ! They made a great show and had us live a very interesting fight.

Greetings to Alban who nicely sent me some of his photos and spread his good mood around him.

The -125kg podium with Michel Dufour as champion, followed by the ever famous webmaster of Benchpresschampion.com, i.e Pascal Girard. Pascal, remaining true to himself, spend most of his time taking photos of benchers so as to enhance his already huge database on french benchers (and saying that he would certainly be obliged to buy an extra amount of hard-disk storage on his domain provider).

In third position was Hervé Gainche, moved to the utmost to climb onto the podium. Having heard him dedicate his performance, I wish to express my personal emotion and support for the predicament he finds himself in for the moment.


This is the "heavies" podium (with 434kg on it !); they were told not to jump on it, so as to keep the gear in working order. Jean-Yves Minelle from Mourmelon played his usual showman part, both on the stage as well as during warmup, singing oldies songs aloud, while others were trying to concentrate. Sebastien Brunel from Soissons eventually realised that he was France champion in senior category. Igor Davidoff from Satory once again showed that he belongs to this category of benchers who are extremely open-minded. The webmaster who met him will keep a very good memory of this meeting. A podium of very heavy bars, very heavy men, and very big hearts, yet, 0% show-off. Congratulations to you all for such a good spirit..

The great example provided by Danneels Emmanuel shall not be forgotten, for he is leading not only a fight against bars but also another one against illness and adversity. May he know that he impressed us all at the club and won our greatest respect.

Competition Statistics
Weight Categories
Number of athlètes
av age
youngest bencher
average body weight
qualification bar (for info)
France champion
average bar in that class
Podium total
44kg 2 43 27 43,58kg 55kg 70kg 62,5kg nobody 66,3kg incomplete
48kg 5 39 32 47,23kg 60kg 82,5kg 75kg 67,5kg 70,5kg 225kg
52kg 3 32 24 51,40kg 65kg 95kg 77,5kg 57,5kg 76,7kg 230kg
56kg 4 39 24 55,31kg 67,5kg 110kg 90kg 75kg 86,3kg 275kg
56kg 1 29 29 55,49 125kg 135kg nobody nobody 135kg incomplete
60kg 4 31 23 58,95kg 72,5kg 97,5kg 82,5kg 77,5kg 85,8kg 257,5kg
60kg 5 31 25 59,10 132,5kg 152,5kg 150kg 145kg 145,5kg 447,5kg
67,5kg 3 40 33 65,07kg 77,5kg 97,5kg 92,5kg 70kg 86,7kg 260kg
67,5kg 7 31 23 66,65kg 142,5kg 165kg 157,5kg 165kg 155,54kg 477,5kg
75kg 3 30 24 73,88kg 85kg 115kg 85kg 75kg 91,7kg 275kg
75kg 10 34 24 73,35kg 160kg 200kg 182,5kg 177,5kg 168,8kg 560kg
82,5kg 19 37 25 80,95kg 170kg 217,5kg 200kg 195kg 180,3kg 612,5kg
90kg 1 44 44 89,29kg 92,5kg 130kg nobody nobody 130kg incomplete
90kg 16 34 24 88,29kg 180kg 217,5kg 212,5kg 212,5kg 193,3kg 642,5kg
100kg 14 36 25 97,31kg 187,5kg 240kg 215kg 210kg 201,3kg 665kg
110kg 13 34 27 106,23kg 195kg 247,5kg 242,5kg 225kg 215,6kg 715kg
125kg 5 39 30 114,15kg 200kg 230kg 210kg 210kg 212,5kg 650kg
125kg+ 5 39 29 139,9kg 205kg 250,5kg 212,5kg 210kg 221,3kg 665kg

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